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Welcome to Shelly Swimming School , Sydney

Sydney Well-designed and Proven Swim Coaching Programs

Private and Group Lessons For kids and Adults - Results Guaranteed!!

Open from 9:00am to 7pm everyday for each term.

Location: North Parramatta and Wahroonga


Highly regarded in communities we have served for years, Shelly Swimming School offers group and private lessons to both kids and adults at all ages with targeting and specialized swim coaching . Whether it is for recreation or competition, we understand intimately our customers' needs when it comes to swimming, and are dedicated to making learning to swim both fun and rewarding experience for everyone. We are well recognized by community members, winning True Local reward in 2010. As a result of consistently meeting and exceeding our customers' expectation, our customer base has grown significantly over the last several years, enabling us to serve more communities across Synday in the future. Currently, we are coaching in North Parramatta and Wahroonga.



Sevim Boga, 10, North Parramatta
2014-02-22, 14:33
Shelly Swimming school has helped me with my fear of swimming and also turned my kids in to strong swimmers.
My instructor (Shelly) has taught me confidence and safety in the water and I could not be more grateful. She was so calm and patient with me. Swimming is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time and gives me more happiness that I can say. I think that Shelly is a perfect choice as a swim instructor for any age.
Thank you for all your help and support over the p...
Sahiela, 45, Sydney
2014-02-20, 14:54
My name is Sahiela. I am 45 years old. All my life was dreaming one day I could swim. Now my dream has come true because of Shelly and her team. They taught me how to swim and I now feel great. Last week I went with my girlfriend to cairns and it was the first time I wasn’t scared of water and I had confidence. My girlfriend, she was so happy to see me swim. While I was swimming she took lots of photos.
I just want to tell everyone you can learn how to swim. Doesn’t matter how old you ...